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Students can ride transit for free with a Metro GoPass!

Posted on 08/12/22

Looking for a Tap Card?

Student K-12 Tap Cards are available. Low Income Fare is available through Metro's LIFE program.  College and University students can access Tap Cards through this link. For all fare information, and program details please visit https://www.metro.net/riding/fares/ 

It's that time a year again!  Get out the Pee-Chee folders, pencils, pens, and your Tap Card! Whether you and your child are new to Metro's transit system, or it's been a summer...we have some recommended next steps: 
Suggestions straight from Our Safety and Security Team

Tips for youth

  1. Know your route. Plan your route ahead of time and leave early so you’re not rushed. Have a backup route just in case there’s a delay with your first plan.
  2. Travel with a friend whenever possible. When you stay together on board the bus or train, safety is in numbers.
  3. Stay alert to what’s going on around you. Keep a look out for your stop. If you need to use your phone, look up from your screen often, and keep one earbud out so you can hear what’s going on around you, too. If you ever see someone acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable, move away. Sit closer to the bus/train operator or switch to another bus or train car. 
  4. Hold on to your stuff. Keep your phone, devices and any valuables in your bag. Be sure you take everything with you as you exit.
  5. See something? Say something. Know how to get help if you ever don’t feel safe. If there’s someone or something causing you to not feel safe, let us know and someone will respond right away.

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