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Health & Safety Committee

Please note starting March 1, 2023, all general and committee meetings will be held in-person at Vermont Square Branch Library.

This committee is committed to being a resource for sustainable, healthy living within the communities and will monitor and report on the activities of the Dept. of Water and Power (DWP) and other City agencies in regards to energy, water, pollution, waste, and other public utility services for the VNC Community. This committee shall seek opportunities to organize community projects such as educational presentations, forums and symposiums that enable and recognize green living practices that benefit the local ecosystem. The committee welcomes stakeholders who are interested in pursuing special areas, such as horticulture or retrofit projects that demonstrate sustainable practice. This committee will meet bi-monthly or as needed based on community needs and desires.
Additionally, this committee provides a voice to the community regarding healthcare reform and other key initiatives. The chair submits reports and recommendations to the Board in written form for Board action. This committee shall also seek opportunities to organize and forums to mobilize the community in seeking safety practices. This includes partnering with Neighborhood Watch, Volunteer Safety Task Force (to enhance the Services provided by the School Crossing Guards), School Crossing Guards, Los Angeles Police Department Senior Lead Officers and Traffic Division and the Los Angeles Fire Department. Representatives of VNC will work to formalize a relationship with these City
agencies and other entities responsible for “safety issues” in our community.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please reach out to [email protected].

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Meeting Agenda
Oct 30, 2019
Meeting Agenda
Sep 25, 2019
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The Voices Neighborhood Council is made up of individuals from our community who
are interested in improving and maintaining the quality of life of the stakeholders of Voices.

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