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Neighborhood Purpose Grants

Supported with a moderate amount of tax-payer money from the city of Los Angeles, each Neighborhood Council has approximately $32,000 to spend at their discretion each year. Typical areas of expenditure include outreach and administrative support for Voices NC, youth and school support, neighborhood improvement projects, community-based events and activities, emergency preparedness and park and landscape beautification.

Application for Neighborhood Purpose Grant

It can take 2-3 months or more to approve and process a NPG funding request before payment is sent. The Voices NC board can only discuss and vote on items on the agenda.  Please email completed Neighborhood Purpose Grant requests to [email protected] and [email protected].  In some cases the NPG request may be sent to a committee before going to the full board to vote. 

Neighborhood Council Funding System Dashboard

For any questions regarding this process please reach out to [email protected]

2018-2019 Awarded Neighborhood Purpose Grants

2019-2020 Awarded Neighborhood Purpose Grants

2020-2021 Awarded Neighborhood Purpose Grants

2021-2022 Awarded Neighborhood Purpose Grants

2022-2023 Awarded Neighborhood Purpose Grants

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The Voices Neighborhood Council is made up of individuals from our community who
are interested in improving and maintaining the quality of life of the stakeholders of Voices.

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