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Slow Streets launching in Voices NC Area!

Posted on 09/05/20

Voices Neighborhood Council

Slow Streets are a new temporary program during the COVID emergency that allow the community access to more open space for recreation activities, while promoting social distancing and protecting us from overcrowding on sidewalks. The Slow Streets program is operated by LADOT with support from the Voices Neighborhood Council.
On a Slow Street, vehicle through traffic is temporarily restricted on specific low-traffic residential streets, and people walking, biking, and scooting can do so in the street. People who live on the street, delivery vehicles, and emergency vehicles may drive short distances on the Slow Street to access their destination. Everyone is urged to go slowly and use caution on these shared streets. In addition to allowing people to stay active while keeping social distance, Slow Streets can also help prevent cut-through traffic and reduce illegal speeding.

What can I do on a Slow Street? 

  • Walk, jog, bike, scoot, roll, dog walk or other “active use” 
  • Park your car at home in on-street parking
  • Also Allowed: Delivery, drop-off, and emergency vehicles
Who cannot use a slow street?
  • Cut through traffic 
  • Fast-moving vehicles
  • Gatherings of any kind

Click on the map below to see the closures marked in green Slow Streets will start on Saturday, 9/12/20 and streets included are Raymond Ave. between Vernon Ave. and 51st Street and Budlong Ave. between 47th & 48th Streets along both sides of the Vermont Square Branch Library.

We want to know what you think of Slow Streets! 
Fill out a brief survey here: https://ladot.lacity.org/slowstreets
Or email us directly at [email protected]
Let us know how you are using Voices NC Slow Streets! Use #VoicesNCSlowStreets on social media. 

Slow Streets FAQ:

What is a Slow Street?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to maintain physical distance on many sidewalks in Palms. Because of this, many pedestrians are choosing to walk in the street, exposing themselves to swiftly moving vehicle traffic. 
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced a new program allowing local residents to gain access to more space for recreation activities in their neighborhoods, while protecting Angelenos from overcrowding on sidewalks and promoting social distancing.
Slow Streets are for local residents only. These are not intended as gathering areas for the general public. Residents and neighbors using a Slow Street must adhere to the latest health guidelines, as outlined by the Mayor’s Safer at Home order. Gathering of groups, barbequing, playing games that involve physical contact with others, or programming of any kind is prohibited. These streets should be treated like all other recently opened active recreation sites, including beaches and trails.

What kind of activity is allowed?
Slow streets are for “active use” like jogging, walking, and biking. Face coverings are required, as is true when Angelenos leave their homes. Group sports, activities requiring physical contact, gatherings of any kind, cookouts, and sunbathing are not allowed. 

Are these 24/7 or at certain times of the day?
Once established, a Slow Streets area will be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until COVID emergency orders are lifted or until the City and/or Sponsors decide to end the closure.

Questions? Email [email protected]

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