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South L.A. wants a Green Park; City Plans a Concrete yard with Institional Security Fencing

Posted on 03/17/24

Voices Neighborhood Council

At the corner of Figueroa and Slauson in South Los Angeles., sits a former toxic brownfield that was polluted by the City and left fenced and barren since 1959. The City plans to build a park here but the design they have chosen is in direct opposition to what the community desires.  Instead of a green and sustainable park the city has chosen a design that over emphasizes hardscapes, and security fencing; the exact opposite of the feedback they received.

Since September of 2023, when we became aware of the city's plans our neighborhood council has been reaching out to our elected representives and the Department of Recreaton and Parks to advocate for a pause in development of this park until a design can be created with the support and input of the community. Connecting with the our city has been frustraing.  Rather than having a conversation with the community they have chosen to ignore us..

This YouTube video explains the history of the parcel at Figueroa and Slauson, makes the case for a green sustainable park, and describes our efforts so far. Don't forget to thumbs up.

If you want to see a green park in our community please sign the petition  and share it with friends and family.

Thank you.

Jason M. Saunders
Vice Chair
Voices Neighborhood Council


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